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MOWI is the exclusive solution for promoting and living sporting experience in your site.

Specifically designed for outdoor sports, MOWI was designed to offer the best digital experience ever: real-time information on maps, lifts, trails/slopes, services, and safety warnings.

Mappe 3D


3D maps are always available, even OFFLINE, to discover the site with all its trails/slopes and dedicated services.

Stato Tracciati


Keep up to date on trails/slopes conditions, weather, lift opening and closing as well as local events.

Live Track


Your position, that of your family or your group of friends in real-time display within the site.

Simple and Immediate

All in one tool - always at your fingertips. Communicating, attracting and involving your audience have never been so easy.
The best digital tool available to your site and your users to enhance, discover and enjoy the outdoor experience offered around your site.


Thanks to this innovative system, you can effectively and directly manage alerts and information in real time for the public within your site, such as any problems with trails/slopes, general information, lift opening or closing, promotions and events.

An up-to-date system that is automatically synchronised with existing services and data sources.



Web App

Web App



Specifically developed for the site, together with the bike area!

The MOWI app is designed and built directly on site in collaboration with the site itself, its operators and leading professionals. Collaboration, expertise and knowledge of the area make MOWI the best digital product on the market to discover and enjoy a sports resort.

Outdoor innovation

Our Apps are designed for the world of mountain biking and winter sports to offer the users what they need in a few simple clicks: free access and 3D navigation maps of the site are the keywords of our innovation.

feel the mountain

Why MOWI for your site

  • Quality and reliability already tested by thousands of users
  • Currently used successfully in some of the top locations in the outdoor sports market, it has helped to increase their value and visibility
  • “Before - during – after”: tourist guide, involvement, on-site use, safety warnings and promotions, all in one innovative tool at your fingertips
  • Statistical reports on the use of the tool and users profiling to encourage analysis and growth strategies for the site
  • Strengthened connection between the site and its end users with increased user loyalty
  • One central system for managing site alerts and notifications in real time

Our APPs

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Mowi Bike

Free app dedicated to all bikers, families, professionals, who love MTB and visit Bike Areas and Bike Parks.

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Mowi Snow

Skiing, mountaineering, snowshoeing, tobogganing… All the outdoor activities, services and real-time information from the Ski Areas, at your fingertips.

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MowiSnow WebApp

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